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Benefits of being a Preferred Customer/Client:

  • A 20% reduction in price on all future work;
  • A quarterly newsletter, providing writing tips, a �Questions and Answers� page, and news regarding ScienceRight Editing and future events and promotions;
  • Access to future promotions (i.e., further price reductions);
  • Other (we�re still figuring everything out).

Here are some ways you can qualify:
  • You have sent ScienceRight.com (formerly Realghostwriters.com) THREE editing jobs over the past TWO years;
  • You have told THREE others about ScienceRight.com, who then have used our services;
  • Any combination of editing jobs and referrals (see above) totalling THREE (e.g., 2 jobs + 1 referral = 3).

Otherwise, if you have a large project OR special circumstances, contact me by email (see below) and let�s talk about it.

To find out more about how to qualify and what to do once you do, send your questions to me (Dr. White), by clicking on the icon below.

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