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Step 1: Get a quote

» Click on Get a Quote link.
» Select " Get a Quote for Editing" and click "Continue".
» Paste your document into the text box, and lick "Continue".
» Select your desired time-line. NOTE: If, for whatever reason, same day editing is not available, you will be notified immediately.
» Click "View Quote".
» Upon receiving your quote, click "Checkout".
» Fill out the following form, and click "Submit Order".

Step 2: Arrange for payment

» Click on "Checkout >>"
» Enter name, contact information
» Enter billing information
» Note that your payment will be held (not deposited) until the job is complete

Step 3: Upload your document

» Click on Upload icon

Step 4: Check that upload complete

» To ensure that the upload has proceeded smoothly, check your email inbox for a confirmatory note
» Also note that you should be notified of your manuscript's identification number

Step 5: Direct communication with editor

» Dr. White will contact you, by email, within 12 hours to discuss the project's progress; except for same day assignments, for which you will be contacted by 6 p.m. (U.S. Eastern Standard Time)

Step 6: Check progress

» Check progress 24 hours every day by clicking on Check Progress
» You also may contact editor directly by clicking on Contact Us

Step 7: Receive edited document

» You will be notified, by email, when your document is available for pick-up
» Click on Check Progress
» Then click on Upload Document
» Dr. White will contact you by email within 12 hours to ensure satisfaction with the edit. If you feel that further work is necessary, this will be done free of charge until you are satisfied.
» When you feel that the edit is finished, please take time to rate the work on the Check Progress page.

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